Not a musician, but...

I am currently the Program Director and a DJ for WITR 89.7 FM.

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Apart from my interest in fashion, a large part of who I am is within music, and the community that it cultivates. Musicians influence culture in a way that is beyond any drive outside of it, and fashion is no exception. This isn’t even limited to a specific generation, as people take personal influence from all time periods, especially when it comes to music. From the lifestyles they lead to the clothing they wear, these icons hold sway over the tastes of their fans and followers. Today, they transcend the bounds of music, their influence permeating into all aspects of society.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have delved into a multitude of genres as a radio DJ, all of which have their own overarching “style”. Whether it’s Mac Demarco’s cigarettes-with-a-puffer-vest indie bum, or the long-standing effortlessness of the ripped jeans/moto boots rockstar look, it’s clear that musicians have maintained such a heavy influence on fans and, more emphatically, designers. 

While music walks hand-in-hand with clothing and fashion, it’s not the only reason I’d call it an obsession. I listen to Dean Martin while I cook. When fall/winter hits, I throw on something slow or atmospheric to match the temperature drop. When I’m in the gym, it’s probably Death Grips. Music is dynamic, changing with the seasons or one’s current mood or situation. 


Here's what I've been listening to:


Hundred Waters - Communicating (2017)

With their follow up to 2014's hauntingly beautiful The Moon Rang Like A Bell, Nicole Miglis and crew are back with Communicating, another atmospheric and intricate project on melancholy. Their gentle meld of piano and sturdy synth production manages to somehow make you feel wistful, sad, safe and cozy, all at once.

Wait for a rainy day, put this on, crawl under some blankets, and think about lost love.

Ritual Union.jpg

Little Dragon - Ritual Union (2011)

A mixture of expertly produced R&B and synth-pop makes up this Swedish group's futuristic sound.  Little Dragon has been one of my favorite groups ever since I first heard Yukimi Nagano's serene voice float in on the Gorillaz track, Empire Ants, and realized I'd never heard anything quite like it before. 

This album (and essentially all of their albums) can best be described as the soundtrack to a night out in a massive, sci-fi metropolis.